SigmaBleyzer, a leading private equity firm focused on Ukraine and Southeastern Europe, has closed its fourth fund, SigmaBleyzer Southeast European Fund IV (SBF IV), according to Business Wire.

The Fund closed at Euro250 million ($326 million), the maximum amount allowed by the partnership agreement, and 25% above its target, making it the largest private equity fund in Ukraine and one of the largest funds in Southeastern Europe. At its launch in August 2005, the target amount for SBF IV was Euro200 million.

SBF IV will execute the same operational level value creation strategy successfully employed by SigmaBleyzer`s previous fund, UGF III, making controlling investments in high growth potential companies in the consumer sector.

The Fund will seek to invest in companies where SigmaBleyzer, in partnership with management, can create a specific competitive advantage and utilize its unique twelve-year experience in the region to accelerate growth and create value in portfolio companies.

In 1996, SigmaBleyzer created the first Ukrainian Growth Fund (UGF). Since that time, UGF has grown into a family of three funds consisting of UGF I, UGF II, and UGF III.

The new fund builds on SigmaBleyzer`s significant experience in Ukraine and expands the company`s operations to other countries in Southeastern Europe.

Michael Bleyzer, President and CEO of SigmaBleyzer, said: "We are very pleased with the level of interest in the region demonstrated by our investors and excited about the opportunities we see in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and the very strong deal flow our deal teams have been able to generate."

SBF IV includes a significant number of Limited Partners from the company`s previous funds, as well as new investors. A total of 40 LPs invested in the new fund, with investments ranging from a few million euros to 20% of the fund, provided by the largest LP in SBF IV, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development [EBRD].

Other investors in the fund include Goldman Sachs, UBS, LVMH, Bank Austria, InvestKredit and other large financial institutions and family offices.

SBF IV will make investments between 10 million and 70 million euros, with larger investments possible through a series of co-investment agreements with its LPs.

Since 1994, SigmaBleyzer has been one of the largest, most experienced private equity investors in Eastern Europe.

With the strength of the company`s local infrastructure, knowledge of local market conditions and western-style management, SigmaBleyzer is well positioned to invest successfully in the transition economies of Southeastern Europe.

SigmaBleyzer has offices in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, the Netherlands, and the United States.                      

This news was monitored by the Action Ukraine Monitoring Service for the Action Ukraine Report (AUR), Morgan Williams, SigmaBleyzer, Editor.