Ukraine intends to buy dioxin in Russia, the United States, Britain and Canada for an expert examination aimed at finding out what substance had been actually used to poison President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in 2004, according to Kommersant-Ukraine.

Only after this expert examination, the investigators will be able to trace orderers and executors of the crime, Kommersant-Ukraine reported with reference to Ukrainian prosecutors.

The Lev Medved Institute of Ecological Hygiene, Kiev, will first buy and then examine the substance to identify dioxin.

Past week, Ukrainian prosecutors questioned masseur Yury Desyatsky. A day before poisoning, Desyatsky had been called to then presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko to relieve him of the strong pain in the back. The masseur noticed nothing strange during the visit. “He said he massaged as usual without paying attention to anything else,” said a source with the prosecutors.

According to official story, Yushchenko was poisoned by dioxin in the fall of 2004, when he was running for Ukrainian presidency. His mates say Yushchenko was probably poisoned when having supper with Security Service Chief Igor Smeshko in the cottage of his deputy Vladimir Satsyuk.