Addressing the sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych noted that since first days of the coalition Government’s activity much attention had been paid to improving the situation caused by repeated increase of tariffs by the previous Cabinet last year, according to the government’s press-office.

      For this purpose, the commission chaired by First Vice Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and Vice Prime Minister of Housing and Communal Services Volodymyr Rybak has been established.

      Besides, the special groups of the Cabinet of Ministers and Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine launched thorough investigation of the situation in the capital and regions concerning legitimacy of housing and communal tariffs increase for the population.

      According to the results of inspections, there are many significant violations committed by the representatives of local authorities and communal enterprises which have practically robbed the citizens by fixing economically groundless tariffs, illegal overstating several times more heat, energy, water consumption etc.

      The Head of Government cited as an example some cities of Ukraine – in particular, Odesa where the officials of the “Odesaoblenergo” energy supply company spent funds, assigned for purchase of new equipment for heating systems totaling 43 million UAH, for buying securities and Uzhgorod where the local officials included the representative costs into the tariffs.

      The Prime Minister proposed the Office of Public Prosecutor to continue inspections on legitimacy of tariff increase throughout Ukraine. Chargeable officials are commissioned to prepare for consideration of this issue at the nearest sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

      “The officials charged with violations against the citizens must answer back. We will bring criminal case against them and some criminal cases have been already brought. And lawbreakers, undoubtedly, will take on a liability. We will bring strong order disregarding the party flags”, Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

      The Head of Government noted that the Cabinet of Ministers undertakes everything required to protect the population of scanty means – in particular, due to significant increase in granting subsidies and sections of citizens who can profit by it.