The Government plans to activate building up the country`s transport infrastructure, according to the government’s press-office. "We begin the construction of various objects of transport infrastructure starting from western and ending in eastern regions of Ukraine and the Government is insistent about the work in this area", Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych announced during the opening ceremony of the first round of construction works at Darnytsya railway station in Kyiv.

According to the Head of the Government, the cost of the project on construction of Darnytsya railway terminal in Kyiv and the bridge over the Dnipro will exceed 4 bn hrn. The Prime Minister emphasized that this complex calls for efforts from all authority branches, central as well as local. Viktor Yanukovych also informed he had achieved common understanding with Transport and Communication Minister Mykola Rudkovsky and Kyiv City Head Leonid Chernovetsky to consider the process of realization of the project and discuss highlighted issues the next week.