According to preliminary data of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, in 2007/08 MY grain`s crop in Ukraine will be 38 mln tonnes, informed Head of the Agrarian Market Development Department Anatoliy Rozgon, according to APK-Inform.

      In particular, wheat gross crop is forecasted to total 17,8 mln tonnes, rye - 780 000 tonnes, barley - 9,8 mln tonnes, corn - 7,2 mln tonnes.

      At the same time, grain export may total 11-12 mln tonnes.

      Forecasting the volumes of exports, Ministry of Agrarian Policy takes into account prospective carryover stocks of grain at the level of 5,5 mln tonnes including 3,4 mln tonnes(at agricultural enterprises) and 1,9 tonnes (at farms). Anatoliy Rozgon noticed that it is below the last year`s index (about 6 mln tonnes).

      APK-Inform reference. Grain crop in Ukraine in 2006 decreased by 9,9% to 34,3 mln tonnes (in clean weight) in comparison with 2005. So, wheat harvest reduced by 25,4% in comparison with 2005 to 13,9 mln tonnes, rye - by 44,6% to 600.000 tonnes, corn - by 10,4% to 6,4 mln tonnes, barley - increased by 26,4% to 11,3 mln tonnes. Let us remind that from the beginning of the current season (July, 2006) till January, 2007 grains export from Ukraine totaled about 5.8 mln tonnes during January-February 2005/06 MY. In the whole Ukraine exported 13.3 mln tonnes of grain.