Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Hrytsenko believes that the women, serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine on contract, should undertake an obligation to abstain from marriage and motherhood.

      He said this in an interview with “Ogoniok” Russian magazine of February 18-25.

      “There is a problem: the legal aspects of the service are still undetermined as yet. Often commanders face a situation when a vacancy is occupied, but a woman went on a maternity leave for three years, after which, without returning to the service, she is waiting for another baby… Contrary to, for example, the American army, our women do not undertake obligations to abstain from marriage and motherhood for the period of validity of the contract.

      “As the army service is a voluntary choice, I guess a woman should voluntary sign a contract with relevant obligations for five years”.

      A.Hrytsenko disclosed that as of today, nearly 20 thousand women serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which makes nearly 10% of the total number of the Ukrainian army.