More than 70 thousand women serve and work in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, out of them 18.5 thousand are military women, including 1143 officers and 4 colonels.

This is said in the statement of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, spread on the eve of the International Women’s Day, celebrated on 8 March.

In particular, according to the information of the Defense Ministry, 2454 women-ensigns serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 12825 women serve on contract, another 111 study in military higher educational institutions. In addition, 52 thousand women work in military administration bodies, military units, and educational establishments of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In addition, during almost 15 years of Ukrainian peacemaking activities in the world, 27 Ukrainian women served in national peacekeeping contingents in the “hot spots” of the globe.

According to the information of the press-service, the majority of women work in the Land Forces of Ukraine – more than 7 thousand, and in the Air Force – more than 6.5 thousand women.

In the year 1993, for the first time through the history of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, Marta Hudytska successfully passed exams to the Sevastopol Naval Institute named after P.S.Nakhimov. At present she is lieutenant commander and heads the Main Battle Informational Post of the Ukrainian Naval Forces Headquarters.