Ukraine and Hungary have agreed on realization of a series of projects in energy security sphere, according to the government’s press-office.

      This was announced today during the joint press-conference by Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his Hungarian counterpart Ferenc Gyurcsány concerning results of Ukrainian-Hungarian talks in Budapest.

      The Head of Ukrainian Government noted that Hungary is a strategic partner of Ukraine relating to the issues of increasing of energy security of Europe as well as the nearest importer of Ukrainian electric power from Burshtyn energy island. As he informed annual energy supplies to Hungary amount circa 3 bn kWt/h.

      Viktor Yanukovych also stressed that in the process of the talks a series of understandings with regard to realization of joint projects in energy sphere have been achieved. In particular, Ukraine and Hungary intend to combine efforts in the aspect of enhancing of export capacity of Burshtyn energy island, modernization of Burshtyn and Kalush thermoelectric power stations, construction of electric networks as well as considering possibilities of introduction of inserts of continuous current.

      Prime Minister of Ukraine defined as one of the priority projects the construction of hydroelectric power station on the Tysa river to further export deliveries of electroenergy to Hungary.

      Moreover, according to Viktor Yanukovych nowadays Ukraine delivers to Hungary annually about 12 bn cu m of gas whereas 8 bn cu m is spent inside the country. The Head of the Government added that the parties have achieved preliminary understanding, which is to be considered at the executive level, concerning forming resources of active gas in Ukrainian underground gas storages totaling 1bn cu m to ensure supplies to Hungary.

      Viktor Yanukovych pointed out that the possibility to increase transit supplies of oil to Hungary by 5-10 mn tons exists. According to him, solving of this issue depends on the efforts of the sides in modernization of the Druzhba and Adria oil pipelines.

      Prime Minister also emphasized on the concern of Ukraine to enlarge gas deliveries to Hungary and further via Hungary to Europe.