The Kyiv City State Administration, having studied the experience of Moscow, is working out a project of residence cards for visitors, which entails introducing a special tax.

Since 5 May, people without capital residence permit, who arrived in Kyiv to earn money, will have to pay this tax since 1 May, TV 5 Kanal reports.

According to Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy, it will be a small amount paid for loading the housing-communal sphere. Those who will not pay the new tax, will have to respond to law-enforcement agencies, and will pay rather a big fine.

A person without any capital residence permit will have to buy a special communal card, call the number, indicated at it, and receive a registration number.

The Kyiv city leadership is convinced that this scheme will allow establishing the number of “shadow” workers in the capital.

The residence card will cost from 50 to 100 hryvnias a month, thus, the Kyiv budget will receive around $250 a year from a person.