The Government takes account that till 2011 the national commodity producers will significantly increase sales volumes of products at home market, according to the government’s press-office.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stated during the meeting with administrative representatives of Rivne region. “The Development Strategy of Ukraine till 2011 which is practically completed envisages that, in particular, the metallurgical enterprises will supply 65% of its products for export and 35% - for home market. Now these showings total to 85 and 15%, Viktor Yanukovych said.

At the same time the PM noted that it is necessary to update mechanical engineering, particularly, with the purpose to increase sales volumes of products at home market

Viktor Yanukovych said that the Development Strategy of Ukraine till 2011 provides for measures aimed at increasing the depth of raw materials processing. “Ukraine possesses great volumes of raw material stuff but the depth of processing is very low 5%. We must introduce new technological cycles”, the PM stated.

In the Prime Minister’s opinion, Ukraine should develop at a higher pace than western countries. At that Viktor Yanukovych believes that Ukraine should reach the European level of competitiveness.