Victor Yushchenko has attended a ceremony to sign Ukrainian-Danish agreements in the Danish Chamber of Commerce, according to the President`s press-office:

Cooperation Agreement Between the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Chamber of Commerce (signed by MP Anatoly Kinakh, President of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs);

Cooperation Agreement Between the Ukrainian State Agency for Investment and Innovations and the Investment Fund for CEE Countries (signed by Viktor Ivchenko, Head of the Ukrainian State  Agency for Investment and Innovations);

Cooperation Agreement Between the State Export/Import Bank of Ukraine and the Danish Export/Credit Fund (signed by Viktor Kapustin, Head of the Board of the State Export/Import Bank).

In his speech, Victor Yushchenko praised economic cooperation between Ukraine and Denmark but said the two countries could build even closer ties. He added that it was necessary to pass laws to facilitate our cooperation.

“It is wonderful that nine agreements will be signed during my visit [to Denmark] to give answers to this particular question,” he said.

The President promised to spare no effort to make sure that Ukraine and Denmark “have a very busy schedule of business and political contacts” and urged Danish business leaders to come to Ukraine.

“The government of Ukraine, Ukrainian business and Ukrainian citizens invite you to Ukraine for cooperation. The presence of Danish business is very important to us,” he said.

The head of the Danish Chamber of Commerce said 120 Danish companies operate in Ukraine today.

“We can improve trade relations between Ukraine and Denmark,” he said, adding that Ukraine’s Ambassador to Denmark Natalya Zarudna made a great contribution to the enhancement of cooperation between the two countries.