Kostiantyn Bryl, chief of the State Tax Administration’s department for struggle against corruption, who was a close friend and colleague of ex-Interior Minister of Ukraine Yuri Kravchenko, is convinced that his death was not a suicide.

K.Bryl claimed this in an interview to “Komsomolska Pravda v Ukrayine” daily (#59 of 27.03.2007).

According to K.Bryl, there could be two schemes of the murder: “Either it was done by means of psychotropic and chemical substances, which rendered moveless Yuri Fedorovych [Kravchenko] and gave criminals an opportunity to drag him into the garage and make the two shots. Or the offenders laid down tough conditions to the general: if you do not shoot into your forehead, we will kill you daughters. And Yuri Fedorovych, being the real man and the officer, made the first shot by himself”, K.Bryl said.

At the same time, he added that on the eve of his death they recalled in a conversation the suicide of Cherkassy Oblast police chief general Kochegarov, who shot into his jaw. According to K.Bryl, Yu.Kravchenko claimed: “Do the real officers shoot themselves this way, leaving it for somebody to deliver a finishing blow?”

In this connection, K.Bryl surmised: “In that critical moment, he [Yuri Kravchenko] recalled this conversation and decided to act the same way, forcing the criminals to make the second shot. Merely, he left us a hint: as if he said that he was forced”.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on 19 March deputy chief for investigating particularly important cases of the Prosecutor’s General Office Serhiy Diachenko claimed that PGO is confident that Yuri kravchenko committed a suicide.