An unknown person has shot into Russian businessman Maksym Kurochkin and his guard in the yard of the Sviatoshynskiy court in Kyiv.

According to the press-office of the Interior Ministry’s Kyiv Department, today, at about 16.40, after the second sitting of the Sviatoshynskiy district court, which examines the case on the accusation of Russian businessman Maksym Kurochkin of extortion of 10 thousand dollars, an unknown person wounded the accused and his guard.

The shots were made after the convoy brought the accused into the internal yard of the court, to send him to jail #13, where he had been held since 20 November 2006.

At present Kyiv police is carrying out “Syrena” plan to establish the offenders who shot.

As UNIAN got to know from informed sources, the guard was wounded into his chest and was taken to hospital.

According to the information of NTN television, Kurochkin has died near the court building due to a direct shot into his heart.