According to Vice-Prime-Minister of Ukraine Victor Slauta, the Ukrainian Government does not intend to introduce any limitations for grains export in 2007/08 MY, according to APK-Inform.

      In addition, he declared that Government intended to inform about all rules of domestic grains market, namely about volume of State purchases and prices for trading operations of Agrarian Fund of Ukraine. They plan to purchase for Agrarian Fund 12% of grain crop of 2007.

      On March 30, they finish working out of prices of Agrarian Fund operations and would inform about them in proper time - one month before the start of new marketing year.

      As for cancellation of wheat export in the current year, V. Slauta declared that Government discussed two possible variants - allow export of 1 mln tons of grain or cancel quotation for this grain at all.

      The final decision would be published after consultations with representatives of baker`s industry.