Ukraine launched a campaign here Friday to promote the 2012 EUFA football championship, which it will co-host with Poland, according to Xinhua.

Ukrainian sports celebrities such as President of the National Olympic Committee Sergey Bubka and President of the Athletic Federation Valeriy Borzov have been named the country`s first "Friends of UEFA Euro 2012."

A similar campaign will be held Saturday in Poznan, Poland. According to the program, up to 100 people in either country will have the honour of being nominated Friends of Euro 2012.

Half of them will be selected by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) from public figures and celebrities, while the remaining spots will be open to the community, from 5-year-olds to 95-year-olds, via various competitions.

"Ukraine still faces many challenges in preparing for the championship, but with the help of such a campaign we will cope easier," head of Ukraine`s LOC Markiyan Lubkivskyi said.

Deputy Prime Minister Borys Kolesnikov said Ukraine would not have any trouble in financing the projects related to the football matches.