A monument to American historian and political scientists James Mace, who studied the Ukrainian history and the Great Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine, is planned to be established in Kyiv.

      According to the information of the Kyiv City State Administration, Kyiv authorities submitted for the consideration of the government a draft resolution “On Establishing a Monument to James Mace in Kyiv”.

      The draft decree on building the monument has been agreed with the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Building and Architecture, the Ministry of Economics, and the Ministry of Justice.

      According to the draft decree, it is planned to hold a contest on the best project of the monument, and to determine the place where it will be erected.

      The expenses will be covered by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine.

      On 26 November 2005 President Viktor Yuschenko conferred the Yaroslav the Wise Order II on American researcher and public figure James Mace posthumously.

      The order was bestowed for his personal merits to the Ukrainian nation in revealing the truth to the world community about the 1932-1933 Great Famine in Ukraine, for fruitful research work and public activities.