Some 24.5% of Ukrainians are ready to support the Party of Regions, if the parliamentary election took place the next Sunday.

      These are the results of a poll, carried out by the Public Opinion Fund-Ukraine (FOM-Ukraine).

      Answering the corresponding question, some 18.9% of Ukrainians would support the Block of Yulia Tymoshenko, some 8.2% - Our Ukraine Block, some 4.9% - the Communist Party of Ukraine, some 2.2% - the Socialist Party of Ukraine, some 1.2% - PORA Civil party, and some 1.1% - the People’s Self-Defense movement.

      The remaining parties and blocks would receive less than 1% of electors votes.

      At the same time, 12.7% of those polled could not answer the question, some 10.5% - would not take part in the election, and some 11.8% of those polled would vote against all.

      The poll was carried out on March 16-26 among 200 respondents in 160 settlements of Ukraine. The error margin makes 2.2%.