The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted law “On Approving the Decision of the President of Ukraine to Allow Foreign Military Subdivisions at the Ukrainian Territory in 2007 for Taking Part in Multi-National Military Trainings”, which was proposed by the President of Ukraine.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, 237 lawmakers out of 260, registered in the chamber, voted for this law.

During considering this issue, VR Speaker Oleksander Moroz informed that Defense Minister Anatoliy Hrytsneko addressed him at a Security Council session with a request to support this draft law. He noted that a number of lawmakers also asked to re-vote this draft law, as the nearest multi-national military training, with assistant of Russian troops, is scheduled for April. In particular, the law envisions the participation of four Russian aircraft in upcoming five-day bilateral air defense exercises, and 270 Belgian troops with weapons and military hardware for 20 days in May-July in bilateral tactical exercises.

 “That is why we should give a positive answer, without disrupting plans in this sphere”, O.Moroz said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Ukrainian parliament voted Wednesday against the president`s decision to allow foreign troops to participate in multinational military exercises in Ukraine in 2007. Only five out of 256 deputies who attended today`s session of the 450-seat parliament supported a draft law proposed by President Viktor Yushchenko March 6.

The law permits the presence of foreign troops on Ukrainian territory during the Rapid Trident, the Sea Breeze and the Combined Effort exercises this year.

In 2006, Ukraine`s parliament also banned foreign troops from participating in military exercises in the country and the defense ministry had to cancel several joint exercises with the United States and NATO.