Almost 60% of Ukrainians have a negative attitude to the eventual early parliamentary election.

These are the results of the poll, carried out by “Sofia” Center of Social Research.

In particular, some 59.9% of those polled negatively assess the opportunity of carrying out an early parliamentary election to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, while some 28.1% welcome this move. Compared to January of 2007, the number of those opposed to the early parliamentary election has grown from some 46.1% to some 55.9%. At the same time, some 9.8% of those polled are indifferent to this issue.

According to the poll, some 60.6% of respondents believe that the parliamentary coalition and the opposition should negotiate, find a compromise, and stabilize the situation in the country. Some 22.6% are convinced that the situation may be regulated only by means of an early election, and some 16.9% could not answer this question.

In addition, some 46.6% of those polled believe it is necessary to introduce amendments into the Constitution of Ukraine, some 30.1% believe that the current Constitution does not need any amendments, and some 23.4% could not answer this question.

The poll was carried out during March 22-31. 2012 respondents in all the regions of Ukraine were polled. The error margin does not exceed 2.2%.