Opening the book presentation of well-known politician Yevhen Kushnaryov “Elections and Pitchfork”, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych said that this book presentation is a prominent event which takes place, unfortunately, without the author. We can’t make Yevhen Kushnaryov come back but he will live as a politician, as an example of human firmness,” Viktor Yanukovych said, according to the government’s press-office

      According to the Head of Government, Yevhen Kushnaryov was a well-known and mature politician who stood at the beginning of our state’s building, who “held his own, was responsible for his words and had never adapted himself to anyone”. He was a very reliable partner, it was interestingly to work with him,” Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

      The Ukrainian officials, social figures, relatives of Yevhen Kushnaryov participated in the presentation.

      The book “Elections and Pitchfork” was published in Dovira Publishing House and drawn in 10 thousand copies.