UNIAN news agency and TV 5 Kanal, considering the big public interest, popularity, and high rating of Live Press Conferences project, decided to resume it on 3 May.

During the three months of its existance, the project became a noted event in the Ukrainian media-space. Owing to the promptness and objectivity, this project became a ground, at which news are born, the most important statements are announced, urgent ideas are presented, publicly important discussions are held.

The big popularity of the project provoked some political forces to use the live press conferences for political manipulations, mutual insults and incorrect assessments of acitivities of their political opponents. That is why on 23 April of 2007, UNIAN news agency and TV 5 Kanal decided to suspend the project. With this step, we tried to attract the attention of politicians, journalists, businessmen, to the problem of responsibility of elites, the issue of morals and public culture.

We state that UNIAN news agency and TV 5 Kanal will apply efforts in future to objectively cover the political life in the country, and will broadcast all points of view.

At the same time, we will pay a big attention to the problems of the political culture and morals.