On 8 May in Barcelona after medical examination Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych underwent surgical treatment of knee-joint, according to the government’s web-site. The operation was performed by a well-known Spanish orthopedic surgeon Ramon Kugat who is specialize in athletic injuries. The surgery was carried out according to plan and lasted 40 minutes. Besides, arthroscopy for the treatment of meniscus defects was performed.

Viktor Yanukovych’s condition is satisfactory. If the postoperative period runs without complications then he will return to Kyiv in 3-4 days.

The surgical treatment was necessary as Viktor Yanukovych sustained an injury while playing tennis one month ago. So he traumatized his knee for the second time and that was the same knee that had already been traumatized in 1984 while playing football. In connection with the first injury Viktor Yanukovych repeatedly received medical treatment in the hospitals of Donetsk, Moscow, Kyiv. A new injury caused pain and had a negative influence on the general well-being.

One of the leading hospitals of Barcelona was chosen for medical treatment as it is well-known by use of the most up-to-date technologies of the treatment of footballers with the same injuries.

According to Ramon Kugat, the performed surgery will improve general well-being and enable Viktor Yanukovych to engage in physical activity and with the rehabilitation completed to continue going in for sports.