Ukraine is willing to make a contribution to regional energy integration, Victor Yushchenko said on Friday during an informal energy summit in the Polish city of Krakow, according to the President`s press-office.

      The Ukrainian leader said the meeting showed the significance of energy issues for all European nations. “We have a perfect chance to formulate common approaches and visions,” he said. “Today it is really necessary to find the best possible combination of each country’s capabilities to stimulate the development of the European Energy Charter.”

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      Yushchenko said Ukraine’s energy strategy was aimed at achieving energy efficiency and using its transit capabilities to the full, adding that the government wanted to involve business leaders and local communities throughout the country in projects to reduce energy consumption. He said the country`s other energy priorities were to diversify energy supplies and produce its own energy, like coal, oil and gas.

      “The development of the industry producing electricity is very high on our energy agenda. Ukraine will remain a serious player on Europe’s markets of electricity,” he said.

      The President said Ukraine sought to join Europe’s UCTE system, exporting more electricity westwards, and had enough capabilities to double the production of nuclear energy by 2030. Yushchenko then urged the countries participating in the summit to use their energy transportation potential jointly.

      “I am convinced our cooperation will help us benefit from our advantages to benefit Europe,” he said, expressing confidence this would boost the reliability and security of energy transportation. “Right now we are taking the first and very important step. I hope our every next action will be filled with concrete and practical ideas.”