Polish meat exporters will be able to sell their products on the Ukrainian market as of 20 May, following a 60-day ban, the Puls Biznesu (PB) daily reports, according to the Polish News Bulletin. To begin with only 19 companies will be allowed to resume exports, while others will have until the end of May to file for permits.

The 19 companies are listed on page 8 of today`s PB issue, but it does not include many firms that have undergone scrutiny by the Ukrainian veterinary services.

According to Cezary Bogusz, the deputy chief vet, the former exporters who have been vetted by the Ukrainians will be placed on a separate list while debutants in meat exports to Ukraine will be added to a different list.

The exports will be conducted under much stricter supervision than before. The meat will cross the border at two posts: in Dorohusk and Kortchova, and a third one in Hrebenne will be opened in the autumn.

The news was monitored by The Action Ukraine Report (AUR) Monitoring Service, Morgan Williams, Editor.