A correspondent decision was made on the interdepartmental committee extended meeting regarding international trade, which was held in the Ukraine Ministry of Economy today.

The Council, which is a continuing body, works free of charge. Its head is Anatoliy Kinakh.

The minister explained that this kind of body creation necessity was caused by a negative situation in international trade. “We are dissatisfied very much with international trade qualitative results, which can be seen in Ukraine today. First of all, in connection with that Ukraine as a country with a big export potential doesn’t have the right to be the country with red ink international goods trade”(red ink in 2006 – 6,7 billion dollars, in the first quarter of 2007 – 1,8 billion dollars, UNIAN), A.Kinakh said.

Nowadays, he noted, that it is very important to focus effort on political, diplomatic and economic levels to improve Ukraine export policy.