Ukrgazbank plans mortgage bonds emission for around 500 millions hryvnias in October-November, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

Investment department head Yuri Kamenetskyi announced this in a press conference to UNIAN.

According to him, approximate mortgage bonds profitability will be 9.7-9.8%

Y.Kamenetskyi remembered that “Ukrgazbank” successfully accomplished the first mortgage bonds emission for the sum nearly 50 millions hryvnias with the profitability 10.2%.

According to Kamenetskyi, the proof that mortgage bonds emission is successful is the bargains volume with mortgage bonds on a secondary market made 72 millions hryvnias.

Footnote. “Ukrgazbank” was established in 1993.

Net wealth on January 1, 2007 was 4 billions 460.8 millions hryvnias, loan portfolio – 2 billions 164.4 millions hryvnias, own capital – 476.7 millions hryvnias.