Ukrainian International Festival “Molodist” was presented yesterday, on the second day of 60th Cannes International Festival. It became a beginning of a long-term presentation program of Ukrainian cinematography in the world, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

As the International Charity Fund “Ukraine 3000” reported, International Charity Fund “Ukraine 3000” Supervisory Board Head Kateryna Yushchenko and International Festival “Molodist” General Director Andriy Khalpakhchi opened the «Molodist» presentation.

K.Yushchenko communicated greetings to the presentation members from Festival “Molodist” Honorary President Viktor Yushchenko, and also she thanked everybody for the attention to the Ukrainian cinematography.

She also noted that except old traditions, well known names and achievements, Ukrainian cinematography has a great potential and development perspectives, especially with appearing of new talented directors, actors and filmmakers.

“Two in one” by Kira Muratova, “The Chosen” by Roman Balayan, “Aurora” by Oksana Bairak, “At the River” by Yeva Neiman are presented in Cannes.

As the press service noted, International Charity Fund “Ukraine 3000” is an International Festival “Molodist” partner of many years. In 2003 the Fund established a special reward “For the national cinematography development”. The prize-winners are Roman Balayan, Kira Muratova, Larysa Kadochnykova and Anatoliy Kokush.