In Sevastopol members of the Memorial day of deportation victims meeting set up social and economic claims to Sevastopol authorities, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

In a meeting resolution, in which nearly 300 Crimean Tatars and other deported nations representatives took part, there is a claim “urgently pass a law on deported people and their descendants restoration of their rights, on the Crimean Tatar nation status, to make a decision on returning historical settlements names of Sevastopol area, to draw international help on providing of the necessary facilities for the deported citizens in Crimea and in Sevastopol, increase building and buying accommodation financing for the deported citizens, Great Patriotic War participants”.

Besides, deported demand “soon placing at deported people disposal parcelling for the individual house building in the Sevastopol area” and also the solution of the problem on parcelling for the agricultural needs, “to solve the problem on giving priority housing to those who work in education and culture”.

Also the meeting members suppose necessary “decide an issue on giving the premises for the Crimean Tatar national center, and during town budgeting allow expenses on holding revival and developing Crimean Tatar culture activities at the rate of about 200 thousands hryvnias”.

They plan to send meeting resolution to the President, Government, Sevastopol town council and Sevastopol Administration.