Yesterday at 15.45 in Kryvyi Rih area of Dnipropetrovsk oblast 18 wagons derailed, 13 of them turned over during 57 wagons freight train running between Hrakovata and Chervonyi Shahtar, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

Emergency Ministry press office said that as a result of an accident, 13 wagons and 200 meters of railroad bed were damaged. There were no victims or injured. Traffic working on an accident area is postponed for a period of recovery work.

As of today 7am recovery work continues: 3 wagons are put on rails, 42 wagons are sent to Hrekovata station. On the scene of the accident 15 wagong are left, 13 of them are turned to a side.

92 people work there, emergency train, 3 haulage trucks, 2 bulldozers, and 3 cranes. The reason of the accident is theft of rail connective bolts. An inquiry is now in progress.