Ukrainian weekly journal “Korrespondent” published a list of 50 the richest Ukrainians – all known hryvnia billionaires of the country, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

Chief Editor Vitalyi Sych presented the list at a press conference in UNIAN.

According to him, the assets of many manufacturers and business owners significantly grew for the last year. As it turned out, all hryvnia billionaires overall assets of the country is 64.4 billion dollars, which is twice as much a state revenue.

As before, Rinat Akhmetov, Donetsk businessman, heads the list. His assets are 15.6 billion dollars. For a year his assets grew by a third.

Even more significantly Viktor Pinchuk assets grew – almost by 90%. Such a rapid progress was made due to twofold up of his main asset – “Ukrsotsbank” and threefold up of “Interpipe” corporation. Analysts noted that pipe and metallurgical assets preparation to IPO made Pinchuk business more transparent.

The third place belongs to Dnipropetrovsk businessman Igor Kolomoyskyi with 3.8 billion dollars, after him goes his partner Genadiy Boholubov with 3.35 billion dollars.

The fifth goes Kostiantyn Zhevago. One of the youngest country billionaire’s succeeded to increase their assets by more than 40%.

The most active in increasing their assets appeared to be financiers and some of them did that by two and more times. In the present rating 26 members are bankers themselves or have their assets in the financial sector.

The success of the bank owners attracted western capital to the Ukrainian market.

Last year Ukrainian financial structures rose in price at the average by 50-60% (for the comparison, Polish and Czech banks rise in price by 20% a year).

The richest 50 Ukrainians are mainly public people. The Party of Regions and Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc have 8 people each, “Our Ukraine” – 1(capital is 504 million dollars), Socialist party – 1(2.4 billion dollars) and Leonid Chernovetskyi Bloc – 1 (404 million dollars).

Chief Editor also emphasized on the understanding to have a transparent business among the Ukrainian businessman and a broad response of showing their assets.

Footnote. “Korrespondent” annual rating is taken for the base of other assets’ evaluation. Investment Company Dragon Capital financial specialists calculated for the journal according to the international methods of assets’ evaluation, which is based on a new yearly enterprises’ financial statements, which is published in March and April. Experts use an analogical method for the rating preparation for Forbes.

“Korrespondent” also specifies the information with the candidate.

The first rating of the richest people in the country was published in the “Korrespondent” journal in July 1, 2006.