TV 5 Kanal journalist Volodymyr Aryev denies the accusations of the Prosecutor’s General Office, which accused him of drug smuggling, and connects the accusations with his journalist activities.

      According to TV 5 Kanal, Olena Rubtsova, spokes person for ex-Prosecutor General Sviatoslav Piskun, read to television’s correspondents a statement, accusing the television of a biased covering of PGO activities, and connected this with “the investigation of a criminal case on drug smuggling across the borders of Germany, Poland, and Ukraine, committed by citizens of Ukraine Volodymyr Aryev and Natalia Fitsych, who collaborate with TV 5 Kanal”.

      For his turn, journalist V.Aryev said he is going to address to acting Prosecutor General Victor Shemchuk with a demand to carry out an official investigation and to give a legal assessment to activities of PGO workers, who disseminate the false information about him and TV 5 Kanal. The journalist denied the accusations of drug smuggling.

      “I assess it as a misuse of the information of by PGO officials for their personal needs in order to press a journalist”, V.Aryev said.

      As UNIAN reported earlier, in the morning of May 28, the PGO press-service disseminated information about “two citizens of Ukraine, who collaborate with TV 5 Kanal”. According to the statement, the criminal case was initiated by Polish law enforcement bodies and is being investigated by Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office.