The chief of the Security Council, Ivan Plyushch, on Thursday warned Ukraine’s officials, particularly the cabinet of ministers, not to sign any strategic energy agreements if they are inconsistent with the nation’s interests, according to the President`s press-office.

      Plyushch cited item 4 of President Victor Yushchenko’s energy security decree, saying any energy talks should be aimed at protecting the country’s economic interests, be in line with its international obligations, laws and presidential decrees.

      He said the National Security and Defense Council would soon convene to tackle the energy security issue and outline the country’s strategic energy priorities. “Results of this meeting will provide basis for signing intergovernmental and interstate strategic energy agreements,” he said.

      Plyushch said all energy talks should be conducted in accordance with Yushchenko’s directives because he controls and oversees the country’s foreign policy. “The cabinet of ministers has to make sure such directives are prepared on time,” he said, adding that officials signing agreements that pose a threat to Ukraine’s energy security would be prosecuted.