South Korea and Ukraine have signed a preliminary deal to cooperate in building a nuclear power plant and developing uranium in Ukraine, Korea`s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy said Sunday, according to Dow Jones.

Ukraine sought South Korea`s help in building and operating a nuclear power plant, while Seoul offered to pursue the project along with developing uranium, the ministry said in a statement.

The energy ministry said that Ukraine is the ninth-largest producer of uranium, citing the OECD.

South Korea`s state-run Korea Resources will also seek to jointly develop copper mines in Ukraine, the ministry said in the statement.

The ministry also said that South Korea submitted a letter of intent to the Mongolian government seeking to join the Tavan Talgoi coal mine development project.

A team of Korean delegates, consisting of personnel from the public and private sectors and led by the energy ministry, visited Ukraine and Mongolia for energy resource development consultations Jun. 24-30.