Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleksander Medvedko signed an order, sacking Yuri Haysynskiy from post of the Kyiv Oblast Prosecutor.

According to Kommersant-Ukraine newspaper, referring to its sources, on Friday a closed session of the Prosecutor’s General Office summed up results of a complex inspection of the Kyiv Oblast Prosecutor’s Office work. Basing on results of the inspection, the session decided to recommend the Prosecutor General to make answerable Yu.Haysynskiy’s deputies, in whose work the inspection discovered oversights.

The newspaper recalls that last Thursday the five-year tenure of Yu.Haysynskiy, stipulated by law for prosecutor’s work, expired.

Kommersant-Ukraine reads that the post of the Kyiv Oblast Prosecutor is vacant. Yu.Haysynskiy‘s top deputy Hennadiy Kliuge was appointed as acting Kyiv Oblast Prosecutor.

Crimean Autonomous Republic deputy Prosecutor Volodymyr Boyko is one of the most probable candidacies for the post.