Employees of PC "Zaporozhye ferroalloyplant" (ZFP) are picketing today the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the requirement to revise the tariffs for electricity for the enterprise.

According to UNIAN, the demonstration is attended by about 80 people.

As senior master of the fourth ZFP workshop Alexander Danov reported to UNIAN, picket participants are employees of the ZFP, who were recently dismissed due to the unfavorable economic situation caused by transfer of ZFP to the 2nd class of power consumption.

According to Mr. Danov, picketers demand a meeting with Prime Minister NykolayAzarov, in which they wish once again to voice their demands, as well as to hear the reaction of the Ukrainian governmentto them. Among the stated requirements, according to the ZFP representative, land- lease to the plan the substation "F-2"owned by OJSC "Zaporozheoblenergo", revision in order to downward of the NCER standard on definition of the class of consumption to 100 million kW / h, the introduction of the zero class of consumers of electricity for energy-intensive industries, the purchase of electricity by direct bilateral contracts with power generation companies.

According to A. Danov, representatives from ZFP plan to stay in Kiev until the end of the week and hold a series of meetings with government representatives, NCER and other regulatory bodies and discuss with themexisting problems. If the authorities do not listen to ZFP employees, according to the ZFP representative, next time significantly large number of protesterswill come to Kiev.

It will be reminded that smelter workshop workers of PC"Zaporozhye ferroalloyplant" previously addressed an open letter to President Viktor Yanukovych and the people's deputies of Ukraine, who were asked to intervene in the situation with the size of tariff for ferroalloy plants. These appeals were sent to senior officials after ZFP employees visited a number of central executive bodies responsible for carrying out the energy policy of the state. However, as for today, the authorities have not taken any real action to prevent deterioration of situationin the company.

Since August, 23 of this year at PC "Zaporozhye ferroalloyplant" (ZFP) firing of workersbegan, generally more than one thousand employeesis to be reduced.