For the moment, Ukrainian enterprises have already harvested 7.3 mln ha of early grains and legumes (65% from the plan); at that they milled 14.5 mln tons at average yield of 20 c/ha, according to APK-Inform.

      According to him, the indicated volume of grains includes 11.1 mln tons of wheat. Wheat has been threshed in Ukraine from 4.8 mln ha at average yield of 23.4 c/ha.

      As for barley, by June 20, Ukrainian farmers threshed this crop on 50% estimated areas (4.28 mln ha) and milled 2.9 mln tons of grains at average yield of 13 c/ha.

      According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, in the current year grains and legumes crops in Ukraine are estimated at 27 mln tons, including wheat - 11.7-12.6 mln tons, barley - 7 mln tons.

      As for state of later crops plantings, Ministry of Agrarian Policy considers the poorest conditions regarding sunflower seeds. At that, minister refused to forecast oilseeds crop.