Israeli police revealed illegal organ transplantation network in Ukraine

11:51, 24 July 2007
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Donors awoke after surgery without kidneys and without money

The Israeli police revealed an international network, which organized an illegal donor organs transplantation in a private Kyiv hospital.

According to “Deutsche Welle”, two suspects were arrested in the Tel Aviv airport at first. On the whole, nine people were arrested on this case, including leading medical specialists in transplantation sphere.

According to the police, law enforcement agencies got on the tracks of the criminal group because of the announcement, which was published in Russian-language press, calling on people to become kidney donors for a generous reward. According to the investigation’s data, tens of people took up the call.

After the medical examination, candidates were taken to a private hospital in Kyiv, where donor renal transplantation were carried out to another patient. Every kidney was soled for 150 thousand dollars.

Police also got to know about cases when donors awoke at a surgical table and found out that customers disappeared with the kidney and money.

“During last weeks, we found people who had already been operated on kidney removal and people who had prepared for this operation. We expect to receive new complaints from other injured people”, said chief officer of the Israeli police Lior Boker. The case is under investigation.

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