Tank cars with yellow phosphorus, which were not damaged in a crash in Ukraine’s Lvov region on July 16, will go from Ukraine to Kazakhstan via Russia along a bypass route far from settlements, according to ITAR-Tass. Russia will ensure all norms of technical and ecologic security during the transit of yellow phosphorus remained after the spill to the freighter, Russian Railways Company President Vladimir Yakunin said.

According to Yakunin, Ukrainian railway officials should present to the Russian Railways Company committee for an examination the train with yellow phosphorus at the departure station, as well as shipping documents for phosphorus and tank cars. “Only after the detailed examination of all parameters the train with phosphorus will be able to go via Russia,” Yakunin emphasized.

During the Tuesday meeting the head of the Ukrainian state railway administration, Vladimir Kozak, informed Yakunin that Kazakh tank cars with yellow phosphorus, which derailed in the Lvov region, were loaded incorrectly. “Yellow phosphorus is supplied in tank cars under the layer of water above the chemical agent. With outside temperatures of 40 degrees, the water layer amounted only to 30 centimeters, and it is twice as high as it is needed in such weather,” Kozak pointed out. He stressed that this violation caused the fire.

As a result of a crash near Lvov on July 16 from 58 wagons, 15 tank cars with yellow phosphorus overturned, and six of them caught fire over depressurization. The chemical agent was shipped from the Kazakh station Asa to the railway station Oklesa in Poland.