Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych proposes to create a Citizens and Mass Media Information System in cases of emergency situations at every Ministry.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, V. Yanukovych expressed this proposal at a session of the government today.

“The accident in the Lviv Oblast proved that we sometimes lack an experience and we make mistakes. But it is very important that we correct it promptly. Information policy plays the most important role in this situation”, said V. Yanukovych.

The Prime Minister proposed to study issues connected with officials`s reaction to emergency situations, their actions and carrying out an information policy at the today’s session.

“Why do I dwell on this issue? We know that there is an excessive politicization and desire to treat people jesuiticaly in trouble time, misinforming them on situations, which are not simple. It is necessary to fight against it”, explained he.

According to the words of V. Yanukovych, every Minister should appoint in his Ministry a responsible employee, who will deal with the information policy under emergency conditions. “We will come to this issue systematically and we will elaborate it. I would ask all the Ministers to appoint those responsible for the information policy in the emergency conditions, how the information system will work, who will be responsible for the work with mass media”, added V. Yanukovych.

“Today we react and realize all the measures, it is our obligation, but the important component is that the population of Ukraine, our neighbours, our partners in the world know an authentic information, give estimate to it and give estimates to our state”, underlined the Prime Minister.