Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych has commissioned Vice Prime Ministers Andriy Klyuyev and Volodymyr Rybak to hold a joint collegium into the issues of preparation for winter enterprises of fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services, according to the government’s press-office. This order was given by the Prime Minister during a sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

“I demanded fuel and energy complex as well as communal and housing services to hold a joint meeting featuring heads of enterprises, departments, to hear reports of certain regions, those which worry us that they can fail to timely prepare for winter, and to consider these issues”, Viktor Yanukovych disclosed.

The Head of Govt has drawn attention of officials to the need to timely pile up coal at the thermoelectric power stations and gas at the gas storages.

Moreover, Viktor Yanukovych has commissioned First Vice Prime Minister, Finance Minister Mykola Azarov together with Economics Ministry to follow implementation of financial plans on the enterprises-monopolists. 

Through July certain enterprises-monopolists significantly fall behind financing schedule. The second half-year has just started. Mykola Yanovych, I’d like You together with Finance Ministry and Economics Ministry to consider every enterprise as a subject of implementation of financial plans, as Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

At the same time Viktor Yanukovych noted that filling of profitable share of the budget poses as extremely important as it guarantees timely financing in accord with budget schedule and implementation of social commitments by the Government.

Prime Minister has also commissioned Labour and Social Policy Minister Mykhaylo Papiyev by August to submit propositions concerning increase of pensions and minimal salary. “I’d like to see calculations, real money. At August beginning we should give response to this issue”, Viktor Yanukovych summed up.