Government announced its forecast of macroeconomic showings for year 2008

18:48, 30 July 2007
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The GDP growth in 2008 is forecasted at 7.2%

The full list of the main macroeconomic forecasts of the Ukraine’s economic and social development for the year 2008, adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers with its decree #976 of 27 July of the current year, has been posted at the Verkhovna Rada web site.

      Thus, the government forecasts that the next year:

      The gross domestic product will make up: 810.1 billion hryvnias – nominal; or 107.2% - compared to the previous year;

      The consumer prices index (December to December of the previous year) – 106.8%;

      The industrial production producer prices index (December to December of the previous year) – 111.6%;

      The hryvnia exchange rate towards 1 US dollar: 4.95-5.25 hryvnias;

      The financial results from companies’ activities before taxation: 100.5 billion hryvnias;

      The profit of profitable enterprises: 147 billion hryvnias;

      The losses of unprofitable enterprises: 46.5 billion hryvnias;

      The expenses on payment of labor: 270 billion hryvnias;

      The average monthly salary of employees: nominal – 1 654 hryvnias;

      The number of working people aged 15-70 years old: 20.8-20.9 million people;

      The level of unemployment: 6.8-6.7%;

      The export of goods and services: 75 578 million US dollars; or 120.4% compared with the previous year;

      The import of goods and services: 79 957 million US dollars; or 115.5% compared with the previous year.

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