Ukraine concerns in tight cooperation with Slovakia in energy security issues, as Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stressed during the telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Slovak Republic Robert Fiсo, according to the government’s press-office.

      In particular, it goes with diversification of supplies of energy carriers into Ukraine and the EU member-states, attraction of Ukraine to the EU strategy for bio-fuel use.

      Ukrainian Government sees as greatly significant the completion of realization of the project of Euro-Asian oil-transport corridor development, Viktor Yanukovych was quoted as saying.

      In the process of telephone conversation the interlocutors have also considered the issues of situation inside Ukraine, trade-economic and cultural cooperation, European integration.

      Notably, Viktor Yanukovych emphasized that in this rather complicated political situation, Ukraine experiences, the main task of the Govt is still ensuring stable life and activity within the country, growth of economics and social standards.

      The Head of Govt has also evaluated as dynamic the development of trade-economic cooperation between Ukraine and Slovakia and mentioned as inevitable Eurointegration aspirations of Ukraine which are being strategic course of the state.

      We clearly realize that in order to pretend to full membership by Ukraine in the European Union we should solve a complex of internal tasks such as reforming of economics, corruption fight and primarily, to create living conditions for Ukrainians which correspond to European standards, Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

      Prime Minister of Ukraine expressed his gratitude for the support by Slovak side Ukrainian stance during the negotiations concerning signing agreements between Ukraine and the EU on simplification of visa regime and readmission.

      During the talk heads of Ukraine’s and Slovakia’s governments have agreed to hold a meeting.