During almost 14 years of Ukraine’s participating in peacemaking operations, more than 25 thousand Ukrainian military men took part in them.

UNIAN was told about this at the press-service department of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine. On 29 May Ukraine will celebrate the International Day of UN Peacemakers, which is established with the Ukrainian President’s Decree, considering the significant contribution of Ukraine into peacekeeping in different regions of the planet.

According to the information of the press-service, as of 25 May 2006, 662 Ukrainian military men are fulfilling peacemaking tasks of UN Missions, NATO, and the Coalition of Multi-National Forces at the territory of 9 world counties.

Ukraine, as independent state, began its peacemaking activities in 1992, by sending the 240th detached peacemaking battalion to the former Soviet Republic of Yugoslavia. In two years Ukraine joined “Partnership for Peace” NATO Program, within the framework of which Ukraine takes part in peacemaking operations.

During 14 years of its peacemaking activities, Ukraine has entered the twenty world’s most active peacemaking states.