18 August 2017
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Ukraine Accuses Russia of Turning Down Gas Supply

Russia is supplying 12 percent less...

Russia is supplying 12 percent less gas to the Ukrainian gas transportation system than stipulated in a bilateral contract, Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuriy Boyko said on Wednesday, according to RIA Novosti.


“There is major gas consumption inside Russia. For example, we must receive 510 million cubic meters of gas today under a technical agreement but we have only 450 million,” Boyko said.


“Considering the abnormally cold winter in Russia, less gas is reaching our western border than is required under a technical agreement.”


Boyko said Ukraine had increased gas intake from its underground storage facilities to help pump more Russian gas across its territory to freezing Europe.


Several European countries said late last week they had faced shortfalls in Russian natural gas supplies, as a severe cold spell hit Europe, with temperatures plunging to minus 38 degrees Celsius. Italy resorted to crisis measures to reduce consumption of gas and maintain supplies to domestic customers.


Gazprom Deputy Chairman Andrei Kruglov said on Saturday Russia had cut gas deliveries to West Europe by some 10 percent over the past few days, but gas supplies had returned to normal levels after that.

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