The Defense Ministry of Ukraine cannot buy fuel for military aircraft for four months already.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Defense Minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko said to journalists in Lviv today, commenting on statement of Deputy Prime Minister Oleksander Kuzmuk, who claimed in an interview with one of the central TV-channels that the  Defense Ministry’s activities are imperfect, as the civil aviation has no problems with flights.

In the opinion of A.Hrytsenko, before making such statements, one should study the difference between the military and the civil aviation. In particular, the Minister stressed, private airlines buy their fuel “anywhere they want”: in Ukraine or outside the country, they do not carry out tenders, and all business decisions are adopted by companies leaders.

“The state structure operates in line with the law, namely because of that we cannot buy fuel for four months already”, A.Hrytsenko pointed out.