In Donetsk, Victor Yushchenko has promised to support the development of languages in Ukraine and urged some regional politicians not to abuse this issue, according to the President’s press-office.

The President said local governments were not authorized to change the status of any language. He reminded those present that Article 10 of the Constitution “clearly and straightforwardly” defines the status of languages in Ukraine.

“There is no status of regional languages in any law,” he said.

To change the status, he said, either the President or two-thirds of the Verkhovna Rada should make such an initiative. “This is the only legal way to change the status,” he explained.

The Head of State urged all “not to look for problems where there are none” and said the Ukrainian language was developing independently. He added that the government should carry out “clear-cut policies to develop the state language.”

“The state language is one of the attributes of the country but not only the form of communication,” he said.