The Kyiv water reservoir is the most dangerous place at the planet. Vassyl Kredo, chief of an independent international group of scientists for forecasting catastrophes, disclosed this to journalists today, according to “Novy Region”.

According to the information of V.Kredo, presently the dam is by 93% in an emergency condition. The Kyiv water reservoir contains nearly 500 million tons of highly radioactive uliginous layers.

The expert notes that if the Kyiv dam is damaged as a result, for example, a slight earthquake, Kyiv districts of Obolon and Troyeshchyna will be absolutely ruined, and the whole Ukraine may be covered with a “radioactive tsunami from the Kyiv Sea”.

According to him, as a result of this man-caused catastrophe, 15 million people may die, 27 cities, and the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, may be destroyed.

“Ukraine will never revive after this”, he said.