The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine discussed today the decree #605 and agreed to increase the gas tariffs for population up to 414 hryvnias for 1 thousand cubic meters since 1 June.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, Fuel-Energy Minister of Ukraine Ivan Plachkov disclosed this to journalists today.

      “A principal decision was made. We will continue to discuss the issue of differentiating tariffs”, he said.

      The Minister noted that on 2 June Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov will hold a regular session to discuss the opportunity of introducing different gas tariffs for the population.

      According to I.Plachkov, on the results of the monitoring of the Fuel-Energy Ministry, poor strata of the society, living in apartments up to 60 square meters by area, and having an income up to 2 thousand hryvnias, consume nearly 50 cubic meters of gas monthly, while the able-to-pay population, living in apartments up to 200 square meters by area, and having a monthly income up to 18 thousand hryvnias, consume nearly 1 thousand cubic meters of gas monthly.