The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to consider the draft 2008 state budget during its sitting, according to the government’s press-office.

      “This budget includes everything we have introduced into the program of social and economic development of Ukraine. For the first time this budget suggests transition to the medium-term planning of the country and regions’ development. It is a step toward transition to the long-term planning,” Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych stated during the sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

      The Head of Government reasoned this stand by necessity of efficient use of budget funds and continuation of financing all state program year and year outs

      Viktor Yanukovych believes that fulfillment of the 2008 state budget is possible in the nearest future after signing relevant agreements between the Government and regional power. “This cooperation will enable to harmoniously connect state programs with regional programs,” Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

      At that the Head of Government emphasized that it is necessary within the framework of fulfillment of the 2008 state budget to control cooperation of the state and regional programs in order to prevent a situation when state program operates and regional does not and as a result success is impossible.

      “The Ministry of Economy will play the most important role in coordinating this work. I would ask you, Mykola Yanovych, with the Ministry of Economy to envisage everything and the 2008 budget should include transition to medium-term planning taking into consideration regional development,” Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

      At the same time the PM emphasized that preparation of the draft 2008 state budget complies with the approved schedule. “Today we are to consider the draft, taking into account proposals, amend it and certainly take into consideration the proposals of the working group of the Presidential Secretariat. This issue is of fundamental importance so as not to be reproached for our ignoring such principals. In accordance with the law, we must submit this budget for the Verkhovna Rada’s consideration before September 15,” Viktor Yanukovych noted.