The Defense Ministry of Ukraine has prolonged the resource of “Termit” anti-ship missiles for another 21 years, Defense Minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko claimed at Chauda target ground, where firing practice took place within frameworks of “Arteria-2007” training.

“It was not any mere training, but a state testing of our anti-ship missiles”, A.Hrytsenko said.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the Minister unveiled that they fulfilled three launches – two from “Rubezh” coast missile complexes, and the third from “Prydniprovia” corvette.

A.Hrytsenko stressed that these missiles were lying “dead” since the year 2003, as their resource was exhausted, and the last battle launches were fulfilled as early as in 2001.

According to his information, the works over prolonging the resource were carried out by “Luch” design bureau, “Pivdenne” design bureau, the State Research Institute of Chemical Industry, and the Artem plant.